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Skim and searching in multiple PDFs

I'm still looking for a way to easily find a string for which I need to see the context, in one of multiple PDFs the the client sends with a SDL project.

The very "funny" thing is that these projects contain more text than the corresponding PDFs. So you can search yourself the monkey lazerus.

Nevertheless, I do my best. At leat I try to.

Any Skim users here? Is there a way to search one specific word in all opened PDFs and have the first found location displayed?

Fragen hast Du, Hans...

And a Bad Spelling Day, obviously. Sorry for that. I shouldn't get so emotional, after all it's just work ;).


It's not Skim, but it works. Effortlessly. In DocFetcher, add the SDL project folder. In DocFetcher, enable "Document Type" PDF only. A child can do the laundry.


Thanks, will investigate this on the couch. Not tonight, since my friend the skipper will visit me and we're likely to have a beer or two.

How about that for a real hobby :).

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