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Wordfast pro

If an agency I work for has wordfast pro, can I put their files into cafetran? Otherwise, they send a grid (like in translation software) in a word document and I have to put the English part in. 



If it is WFP 3 yes: CT processes txml, the "internal" file format of this version. TMs are supported too. If they use WFP 4, the new file format is TXLIF (or something like that). Depending on how strict they follow the specifications for the XLIFF standard, round tripping shouldn't be a problem. You will have to try.

Might be not as simple as expected...

See this thread.

Thank you. 

A word of advice: if you can get any test files, please send them to Igor. Support for TXLF could be important for other users too.

Did you send the txlf files to support? Any news on a filter for them?

The client insisted I fill in the grid this time, but perhaps for the next project I'll get him to send the txlf file. I could even get him to send one from a previous contract to try it out.

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