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Open PDF that contains a certain word

I've received a bunch of PDF files. Of course OS X did index them. When I want to see the context of a word, I press Commando+space and enter the word.

I get 4 hits for PDFs. How can I easily get the path of a PDF or open it directly in Skim?

Wanna make things difficult again, or can we keep it simple, for a change?

Set PDF files to be opened by Skim by default. Do your Spotlight thingie, and double-click a PDF (or select all four in this case, and hit Return).

If you really think you can't do without the file path, open the files in the Finder (last entry in Spotlight), and use one of those wonderful Automator Services.

Or do something incredibly difficult with KBM. Without me, of course.



If you don't want to change the default app for Skim for all PDF files, you can create the simplest of Services:

This will only work in the Finder, not in Spotlight, of course, since you'll have to right-click it to  select it (for the context menu, or to use a keyboard shortcut if you assigned one to the Service).


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