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REQ: Indication of full text in Auto-completion popup list

 I want to request that a terms popup list show the full text.

The top two entries are the same, but what follows (shown as ...) is actually different: one is a full phrase, and the other is a short form of it.

To avoid a wrong selection, I'd appreciate it if they are shown in their entirety.



Perhaps you can use less words to say the same or are you being paid for words in the target text?

Yes, in both respects.

But very long phrases cannot be avoided in some projects.

So, I'm glad if I can expand the pop-up list horizontally (by dragging with mouse) to show more of the text, as is already possible with the Quick Term Editor.


I was just kidding ;).

BTW: One of the goodies of CafeTran that I'm particular fond of, is the way it handles Uppercasinization, meaning: if the first char of a selection is a bullet or star or dash, it will make the first real letter uppercase.

Yet another time saver.

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