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Any ideas about useful Excel macros?

Since my offer of an Excel macro named Glossary DeMerger, I've been thinking that there may be other Excel macros that I can create and offer to help CT users (not CAT users in general).

Any ideas?


Okay, now I know who's 'M'. I have been looking for your question, that popped up on my iPhone: "Do you want me to proceed with the macro". Couldn't find it. Yes, if you like to, please do.

Thanks for welcoming my avatar!

"Fragments creator," isn't it?

Yes it is! However, I loved your old one better

For people who still use tab del glossaries, a macro that does exactly the opposite would be a lot more useful. Besides, it's probably easier to write.

  • The workflow Automatic won't recognise parts of phrases in a tab del. Splitting the "chunks" will increase the usefulness of this format somewhat
  • On the go, you tend to select the largest useful phrase you can. Spitting them would be easier and more useful than extending them
  • Using a list with stopwords, you can easily "slice off" useless words like articles at the end of a new chunk in the cell. 
  • There's an end to it. You can theoretically expand a chunk ad infinitum, but less than zero doesn't exist, not even in quantum-mechanics
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