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Java clarity

One problem I've had with CafeTran is lack of information on supported Java version. Igor has told me privately that Open JDK is not fully supported, which is good to know. As a result I currently have my default Java set as Oracle Java 8. There are, however, still various minor, potentially Java-related bugs and I'd like to know whether these are because Java 8 isn't fully supported (and I need to switch to Oracle Java 7), if I just don't have things set up right or if they are genuine bugs.

Of course I can try it and see, but this is somewhat time-consuming.

One solution would be to offer a version bundled with the required Java version (cf. OmegaT). This would certainly have saved me a lot of problems.

Alternatively a pop-up on start-up saying "Java XYZ is not fully supported. For best results please install Oracle Java 7." might be helpful.

BTW, is Oracle Java 8 full supported, or should I switch to 7?

I can only guess your OS. 

But Oracle Java 8 is – as far as I know – "fully supported" and a good choice for Mac OS X, and I assume for any other OS.

I think he's on Linux.

Yes, I'm on Linux - I always thought Java was genuinely platform independent. Am I being naive?


Oh, and thanks Torsten for the clarification.


Just a further note on this: running CafeTran with OpenJDK really does result in a whole heap of problems. It would be really helpful for new Linux users (most of whom are likely to be running OpenJDK by default) to be told this at startup or even better for CafeTran to be bundled with an appropriate Java version à la OmegaT. (If you haven't done it before, working out how to get Linux to use a different Java version is very time-consuming.)
Now that I've got it running properly I can see why CafeTran generates such enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to getting to grips with all its fantastic features.


Good to hear.

>I'm looking forward to getting to grips with all its fantastic features.

It'll take you some time. Have a look at my webinar about terminology, next Friday (recording will be made available), for starters. And don't believe one word from Woorden about storing terms in TMX files.

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