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say I want to have source/target segments side by side. How do I do it without messing up my whole layout? If I choose Horizontal segment panes all panes are dispersed seemingly at random, the source/target pane running from the left to the right of my 27" screen. Not very comfortable. Will I have to reshape all the windows?

I must admit I switched back to a vertical segment view some weeks ago.

But to avoid having the horizontal segment panes from the very left to the very right, it might be a good idea 

  • to have the CT window only 2 thirds of the width (and some CT windows floating on the rest of the desktop)
  • to dock one tab or a joined tab to the segment panes (to take away some width)
  • to use a bigger font, this is also eye-friendly
  • to try just another of the many layouts CT offers (I never tried them all)

As you are an experienced CT user, you will know these hints anyway, so it might be helpful to see a screenshot.

Hi Wolfgang,

For wide screens and the horizontal segment panes (from left to right), the layout 2 looks better.

1. Switch to View > Window layout > Window layout 2.

2. View > Segment panes > Horizontal segment panes.

3. Resize the panes to adjust them to your screen. 


Hi All,

Does anyone have a "4th" layout to propose that cannot be achieved whatever you do with any of the current preset three layouts? And equally useful, of course.

(I don't have one ...)


I think that pane settings are stored in the General settings that you can export via Edit > Options.

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