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Better Safe than Sorry

C't (my bible) recommends Drive Snapshot to create an image of your Windows on an external disk. (A free one-year license comes with #26 of C't.)

Windows 10 isn't supported though.

One click to create an image. One click to restore the image! Paragon drive coy for free

Old school = command line.


But anyway, for Windows users this tool might be absolutely sufficient, though many users could be over-challenged by this one-click thing ("oh dear! it deleted all my data!").

My dear friend, let me tell assure you: if those nerds from C't pack it on their Weinachts-CD, it has been tested thoroughly. It's halt old Schule. 

Looks like a Windows 95 app, eh, program. And "Copyright 2001-2007" does not sound or smell like active support and development...

>die aktuelle Version funktioniert bereits mit Windows 10.

So you can actually use Drive SnapShot for Windows 10 too.


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