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Colours in the GUI

I just noticed how gigantic these new buttons are on my iMac. Is it just me or find others them 'distracting' too? They are positioned underneath my Target segment pane and taking all my (precious) attention:

How about making them smaller/less heavily coloured?

Another suggestion: differ the colours slightly per MT engine? So that you can easily see what comes from which MT source.

I agree! I use shortcuts for this 90% of the time, so don't actually want to see them at all. I find them very distracting.

I'm always talking about coffee but actually I've just cooked my first pot of tea since I'm in this new office. Twinings Lady Grey. Isn't that just cool?

Seconded. They are actually the biggest and most eye-catching/distracting buttons on the whole CT GUI, and for most keyboard workers not really helpful

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