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WEBINAR: Everything you always wanted to know about terminology

On Friday December 4, I'll be giving a webinar on handling terminology in CafeTran.

The webinar will be focussed on:

Free webinar - Handling terminology in CafeTran

  • Working with project glossaries
  • Creating a background glossary
  • Using extra fields in glossaries
  • Optimising and merging glossaries in CafeTran
  • Using Excel to modify glossaries (adding columns, sorting etc.)
  • Converting Excel files to glossaries
  • Adding new terms to a glossary
  • Modifying existing term pairs with the Quick Term Editor
  • Using the dynamic stack: prioritizing target terms on the fly
  • Using target-side alternatives (synonyms)
  • Using source-side alternatives
  • Using pipes for stemming
  • Using context determinators in term pairs
  • Storing terms in TMX files for fuzzy matches
  • Using sentence patterns in glossaries
  • Using regular expressions in glossaries

I'll demonstrate/discuss as many topics as possible in one hour, so I've placed the most important/general topics at the beginning.

As always, there'll be a recording provided afterwards.

If you have any other topics that you'd like to have explained, please reply to this posting.

Just wanted to announce that this webinar will very likely be followed by another webinar on terminology (both termbases and glossaries), dealing with the advanced and really time-saving, productivity-boosting features. Stay tuned.

Drew from Proz has uploaded the recording!

Last time it took longer yes. This time I'm going to stalk him after Monday 16:00 ;)

I forgot to register in advance. Is there any way to still watch the presentation? Did they already make it available? I think usually it takes longer than 72 hours, right?


This one didn't make it, but the technique is rather interesting:

Fuzzy matching of terminology with TMX files for terms

TMX files for terms

Don't forget to tune in. 16:00 Berlin time. See ya all!
Settings in the context menu, like: Keep out of AA.

Setting glossary priorities and permissions

Assigning a priority (hi/med/lo) to a glossary
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