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Translating Studio projects with internal padlocks

Translating Studio projects with internal padlocks can be a crime. Normally CafeTran handles them well, but sometimes ...

Recently I wrote here that support for memoQ's review tables shouldn't be necessary, since XLIFF is the official exchange format for CAT tools.

That's the theory ... Alas reality is different, so I'll have to contradict my own statement (which, by the way, is not a problem for me: I'm not dogmatic).

When you have to translate Studio projects that contain segments like:

You can use Studio's External review tables until CafeTran handles those segments properly:

Via F/R with wildcards you should mark the red and grey text as hidden.

Sounds like extra work, but believe me: the extra work in Studio when you translate segments as above via SDLXLIFF is a multitude.

I've sent the project (package of only 65 MB or so :( ) to support for further investigation.

Perhaps it is because these tags are spanning (overlapping) that ct cannot handle them correctly? On a side note: why would anyone want to protect meters and degrees Celsius. This doesn't add to legibility in ct, since the tag content isn't displayed. It then looks if the author has forgotten to insert the units. :(

Thank you for solving this!

I have now tested the originating SDL project that caused problems. I had to translate it once more in CafeTran (via Insert all EMs). Once I had resolved all QA tag issues, no locked content related errors were reported in Studio 2014.

Another big step forward. Thanks again!

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