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Urgent please> Glue Word files > export as single file?

Hello all, 

I am working on a project in which 30 Word documents have been glued. Can they once translated be exported as a single file? So far I only find ways to export individually and do not want to waist time copying and pasting..

I will appreciate your comments. 

Thank you!


Not that I know of. Not if they started as 30 separate docs. So far, the best way I have found of merging multiple Word documents is this:

There is also a way to do this in MS Word (merge multiple documents into one), but it just doesn't work.


Thanks Michael. 

I tried the merge in Word as well but as you say, it just does not work.

Then, new suggestion for Igor here;-) 

I'm afraid that this is very complicated (clashing character and paragraph styles, sections etc. ) Hardly a task for a cat tool, rather one for plus tools and alike. Would a single PDF be acceptable?

If so, you could use a tool like FreePDF, that will allow you to merge PDFs (in OS X this is built-in). Mike, can you use the good-will you have with Stan The Man, to ask for a merge feature?

Merging (Word) files cannot pose a problem. But I wonder what happens to the order of those files. It will almost certainly end up as a mess.


@woorden: Merging (Word) files most definitely does pose a problem. Have you ever tried it in Word? As Hans pointed out, the styles go crazy and stuff ends up all wonky. The fastest way to do it (if Boiler doesn't work for you) is sadly to copy/paste each file into a new document manually.

MB: Have you ever tried it in Word?


Not in Word. But yes, I managed to merge them. The trouble wasn't the merging, but the resulting file lacked any logical order. So it was pretty useless.

copy/paste each file into a new document manually.

If you really want to do it in Word, batch insert should do the trick if anything else fails.


But that is what we are saying: batch insertion in Word doesn't work. I have tried it many times. Sometimes it works. Usually it doesn't. The different styles etc in the different docs clash and wreak havoc.

MB: batch insertion in Word doesn't work

I does, if all documents are of the same kind/formatting, as is to be expected for one job. But as far as I know there's nothing you can do about the order of the files. Same goes for glued files in CT. That's (more or less) okay for translating, but if you have to read them?


I once wrote a Word macro that would list all files in a folder in a new document. Then I could arrange the order of the file names. And then the content of every file was inserted at the position of the file name. But the problem with the section breaks and clashing styles remained.

I use an Automator action provided by our Redmondian friends:

I just tried again, and it works flawlessly. Above is the "official" way, but I think that if I replace the first action with "Get Specified Files," I can change the order of things. Haven't tried that, though, it crossed my mind only a minute ago.


They don't work in the SOHO versions of ms office

>I am working on a project in which 30 Word documents have been glued. Can they once translated be exported as a single file?

Why would you want to do that?


Thank you all for all your comments. 

Hans, all documents are part of a unique text, but were received as segregated docs instead of a single one. Seeing the possibility of working in CT as if it was a single doc, I assume the export would be likewise.

Eventually we unified all docs in a single Word file, which is doable with a small amount of docs,  but I also was raising the question should a similar situation arise, but with a bigger number of docs. 

It would be very useful if CT could offer the possibility of exporting the translation as a single document, although I understand that for the moment it is only a virtual feature. 

Hope this clarifies all. 

Thank you again!!!!

Friday is here!

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