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Cannot import folder with bitexts anymore

After updating from version from September to the latest version it is no longer possible to import a whole folder with bitexts. You have to import each and every bitext separately

Igor, can you confirm the issue?

Please check in the menu Memory > Memory folder, and try again.


Did you fix it in update 13?

Nobody reported it before so I assume you just missed that memory folder checkbox menu item.


Okay, now I understand what you mean with 'check' (it's the same confusion I reported this morning about the Check checkbox in the Target segment pane). No we didn't see that menu item. You have added it since september. Okay, I'll let them know how to do it!

Actually I think that this is a step back from the original behaviour and certainly not making CafeTran more intuitive: that you have to tick some checkbox or menu item in order to import a folder. Why doesn't CafeTran detect automatically that it has to deal with a whole folder of files?

Native file choosers do not allow to select both files and folders at the same time. You can choose either a file or a folder, but not both in one instance of the chooser. So if the users request I will switch back to Java file choosers, which make it possible.


I think you should continue using the OS X file chooser. Checking the Folder box isn't particularly difficult, whereas even certain die-hard Mac fans have proven to be unaware of how the OS X file system works.


My answer wasn't posted. Did I click the wrong button ? Anyway: short version of my answer: use Ctrl AS A Modifier key Here too. In the memory menu and in the Project Configuration dialogue. When Ctrl is pressed: button label changes too Select folder. Tooltip indicates use of Ctrl. Simple and consistent. No need to remember ticking a menu item before opening a dialogue.
Ctrl key is used as a modifier while dragging from tabbed pane and while calling the New Term dialogue via the Add term to glossary icon. And probably with other functions too.

I doubt if remembering to use a modifier key is any easier than remembering to check a box or to select Memories Folder, and I have absolutely no idea of how incredibly easy it is to code that. But then again, I'm not a programmer.


Three different approaches could be replaced by one consistent solution: the Ctrl key:

>I doubt if remembering to use a modifier key is any easier than remembering to check a box

The button label and tooltip can be used to indicate the use of the Ctrl key. And its consistent use is reinforcing the human memory: if Ctrl is used in several functions to modify this functions, the user will likely try to use this keyboard shortcut in other (thus far unknown) functions too. Is my expectation/hope. Anyway, what stays is the advantage that one can decide to select a folder in the dialogue box instead of before opening that dialogue box. It's like starting a new motor, without first filling it with oil.

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