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Entries separator in project glossaries


I have two questions/remarks about entries separators in (project) glossaries.

1. It seems that for project glossaries (ProjectTerms.txt), CT automatically chooses 'OS X/Unix' (i.e. LF), not 'Windows' (i.e. CR + LF) as the entries separator, even on Windows computers (at least on mine). This means that in some editors (e.g. the Windows "Editor"), the content of those glossaries is displayed in a single line by default, not with a line for each entry. Is there a way to change the default entries separator for project glossaries?

2. Today I had a problem with a txt glossary I'd used previously in CT. This time, CT wouldn't display/load its content till I changed the entries separator from 'Windows' to 'OS X/Unix' (which was the correct one) in the glossary info.

I suppose that glossary was originally a 'ProjectTerms.txt' which I copied/renamed and added to the glossary list later. I probably chose 'Windows' as the entries separator then because I was unaware of the difference. If the default format for project glossaries were set to Windows (on Windows computers), this problem wouldn't have occurred (it might take users quite some time to find a solution, like in my case today). That's another good reason for having the possibility to choose the default project glossary format.



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yes, that confused me to for a while, having to constantly switch it to "OS X/Unix", even though I am on Windows.

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For me the feature is a bit slowing down when I would like to copy some items from a ProjectTerms to a glossary (quite often).
Yes, the conversion is easy, but it could be nicer to align those two formats.


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