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formatting text via the context menu


is there any way to stop CafeTran from reverting to the default Word style every time change the format of a fragment using the context menu? Let's say I am working on this fragment:

and I want the word "review" to be in italics. If I change it via the context menu, the result will be something like this:

 i.e. even if the original text is in green, Calibri, 10 pt, everything from "review" on will be written in black, Cambria, 12 pt, because that's the default style. Is there a way to solve this from within CafeTran? Or should the address from within Word? Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Valentina,

Yes, when applying the style via the context menu, CafeTran reverts to the default font for the remaining part of the paragraph. Please either use the tags to transfer the style from source to target when there are multiple font colors in your translation or correct the font color in the exported document. I have it on my to-do list to improve setting the styles via the context menu.


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