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Adding formatting in SDLXLIFF

I've now checked whether an ID for bold formatting is present in an SDLXLIFF file, when there is now bold formatting at the target side: there isn't.

I didn't test this, but the ID definition should be added to the header. And I know that Igor will try to avoid that, in order to avoid corruption.

A complicating factor is the ID number: it shouldn't be used in the header for other formatting. So CafeTran has either to check that or use an arbitrary high number.

But as I said: I didn't test this.

(I created a new thread, since I couldn't post this as a reply, for unknown reasons.)

>when there is now bold formatting at the target side: there isn't.

when there is no bold formatting at the target side: there isn't.


This may not be related to this topic but if you want to add extra formatting in SDLXLIFF via CT, the following works.


 If you want to add bold formatting that is not in the source segment, use context menu.

This is shown in SDL Trados as follows, as you know

Now, change the extension of SDLXLIFF file from sdlxliff to txt and open it in a text editor, and do the following Find & Replace operation.



Replace with

<g id="Bold">



Replace with


Note: " (quotation mark) must be " (straight downward), not a curly one. Otherwise, SDL Trados will reject the file.

Save the file and change the extension back to sdlxliff

Now, you get


Sorry, I'm having trouble with another document.

It seems the solution described above can only work under certain conditions.

Checking now ...


In order for this solution to work, you have to insert the same type of formatting manually at least once in Studio in advance (before the above F&R operations are done)

(In the above example,  This is Sample 3 or 4 )

Then, Studio automatically creates tag ID "Bold" (referenced above; this tag ID can be used any number of times). Without this tag ID, if the above F&R operations are done, Studio rejects the file.


Well, not a good solution any way.


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