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Completely replace Studio

Okay, by now you know how I feel about Studio (and memoQ). Today I had the fun to do a spell-checking session in a project that I had to review. In Studio, because I wanted to have my changes tracked.

Why is it that so many well-informed and IT savvy translators (AKA power users) still use Studio? Is it because they don't know about CafeTran? No, I'm not exaggerating here. Core tasks as finding and replacing, spell-checking etc. are a crime in Studio.

Am I spoiled? No, actually I don't think so. I think that I'm realistic here. I could give a whole range of arguments here (tiny dialogue boxes, that don't have focus where needed etc.), but let me save my energy for positive things.

Like investigating whether CafeTran can handle the Studio review workflow with tracked changes too. If this would be possible, I can blow up my Studio.

Hands up please for CafeTran handling Studio projects with tracked changes. Making Studio (and Windows) an option, not a necessity.

I'm starting my investigation journey now ...

Here we go ... (yup, I'm fassssst):

One overtyping, one deletion.

This is how it looks in CafeTran:

The good news:

  • Changes are marked by tags
The not so good news:
  • No strike-through etc. marking
So, what we would need is CafeTran inserting:
  • <mrk mtype="x-sdl-added"
  • <mrk mtype="x-sdl-deleted"
While marking visually in the Target segment pane with strike-through and other attributes.

If that would have been implemented some day, that would be great, don't YOU think?

The Ultimate Yawn Software!

Sorry for abusing this forum, I just need to have this image uploaded so that I can use it in a stupid forum software that doesn't allow to embed images.

What the F*** is the matter with me today, that I'm complaining so much.

(Actually I do know ...)

Stupid F**** software.

Okay, I'm quiet again. Things start simple and end complicated. What we'd need too: // A way to filter on segments with revisions // A way to accept/reject one revision // A way to accept/reject all revisions
Also great: filter on all segments that contain a certain source/target or deletion/addition and accept/reject those revisions // As I said: things start simple :)
My workflow for a review would be: first filter on all segments where source=target // Lock these segments // Filter on all unlocked segments // Activate tracking // Start reviewing // Very useful would be: Find and Replace in target and have the revisions tracked both in locked and unlocked segments

Hi Hans

as hateful as Studio may be... you sure you don't waste a lot of time looking for a/applying this workflow of yours? Quite an academic question for me, though, as I don't accept any revision work, have enough to do with translations.

Alas, I don't get many review jobs. I enjoy well-translated ones. I learn from them. Still. After 27 years :)

I forgot one very important task: Some clients work according to the 4-eyes principle. All my translations for them are reviewed. Afterwards I get SDLPPX packages and I have to either accept or ignore the revisions. Now I have to do that in Studio. Afterwards I have to update my TM in CafeTran (either manually, or by committing the revised SDLXLIFF in CafeTran). Extra steps, that I'd like to avoid by looking at the revisions directly in CafeTran.

So this is actually an important task for me.

Well, I figured you were not doing it just for fun and that it is a relevant part of your work. Same happens to me if/when the customer applies the 4 eyes principle. But for me revising other people's work is simply a waste of precious translation time ... or for laying at the pool or beach ... ;-) when the season's right. ;-))

Completely replacing Studio isn't possible at the moment. Read my posting here:
The good thing is that the offending segments were reported by CafeTran's QA too. So it is safe to assume: no errors reported in CafeTran, no errors in Studio.
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