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opening itd files


I used to work for a translation agency equipped with SDLX. When I quit this job, I saved all my work on my external hard drive. My problem is I can't even use it as a freelancer because the files are in the ITD format and I don't have SDLX to open them. Is it possible to open such files in CafeTran? Thanks!


I tried to open it in Studio 2014:

You will have to ask in the Studio forum at or in TW_user, how to handle ITD files in Studio. Then I could help you with the conversion.

Here's me again. I had to upgrade my iMac to El Capitan, was looking of an old VM with a certain dictionary and suddenly found an old Trados.

Opened your file:

Saved as TTX et voila, mon oncle s'appelle Böb:

I even found a VM with Trades 6.5. Man, am I glad that I can leave all that behind me!

Hi Hans! Thanks for your help! So, if I understand well, if I want to open other itd files, I must have Studio or an old version of Trados? Did you have those already installed on your computer or did you get them on the Internet? That would be awesome if I could convert all my itd to ttx files. Then I would be able to use them in CafeTran and on TM-Town :-) 

Hi, I only work with legal software since I don't think it's ethical to do otherwise. Yes, I have licenses for these apps.

I don't intend to work with illegal copies of softwares either. I will just check if it's still possible to buy older versions of Trados for a reasonable price. Thanks!

>I don't intend to work with illegal copies of softwares either.

Of course not. Depending on the amount of files that you want to convert, it may be worthwhile for you to visit me in Tilburg (where you can use my old Trados) :).

Normally, I'd offer you to do the conversion, but currently I'm considering to get a truly fascinating hobby ...

Getting in shape to enjoy this power sporting as we speak.

Thanks for the invitation! I don't live that far, I'm in Lille ;-) So, apparently, it's impossible to open and convert my files without Trados. I feel "trapped".

Yes, that's the concept of SDL.

I'm actually in France, giving a CafeTran training, next week :). Please contact me privately:

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