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Is an exported file defined as being in the target language?

Does CT not define the exported file as now being in the target language?

When I recently exported three short texts to Word to finally review before submitting, I had to reconfigure the documents to tell Word they were in English. I would have thought CafeTran would have already done that as part of the exporting process. Doesn't it? 

The source language in the source document has to be set in order to let CafeTran set the target language in the target document.

If by that you mean was the source and target languages set when I imported the original files then they were indeed set.

I had no problem with the long file I did a week ago, but these short ones all failed to transfer the change of language to the target text exported from CT. 

I'm not sure I understand completely what you mean, but what happens is this:

  1. You drop your source document - ACME.docx - on CT's DashBoard. The source document remains at its original location
  2. CT will create a folder with the name ACME and the files ACME.xlf (the project file), ACME_sl_SL, and ACME_tl_TL (where SL is source language, and TL is target language)
As far as I know, the target language code is not embedded in the document, so when you translated Dutch ACME_nl_NL into BEnglish ACME_en_GB, you will have to set the language of your translated file to BE to proof it.

Would that be what you wanted to know?


Yes. Thanks. It's no great hassle, of course, but I wonded if CT did it automatically as Metatexis does.

I just had a look at the xml part of a translated Word file, and it does show the target language:

<w:lang w:val="nl-NL"/></w:rPr><w:t xml:space="preserve">De nieuwe op cadmiumselenide gebaseerde kwantumpuntmonitoren van Philips vormen een belangrijke doorbraak voor de EU voor concurrentievermogen, milieubescherming en energie-efficiëntie

So my remark above - As far as I know, the target language code is not embedded in the document - is utter nonsense (again). Don't know what's going on here.


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