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Choosing and/or Amalgamating TMs

I started my Café Trans experience with an 80 page document. Foolish, perhaps, but it certainly taught me just how useful this tool is.

However, today I had three short texts sent to me as separate translations (on a common theme).

In the video intro, the narrator is offered an option for choosing a TM. I was not offered any such option.

So what happened, it seems, is that each short translation became a Project of its own and opened up a separate TM for each.

If I start a new document and want CT not to create a new TM, but rather to use an existing TM. How can I get it to do that?

Up until recently I have been using Metatexis and the wizard in that really helps when you open a document. You choose the Language Pair and you choose the TM (or are offered the option of creating a new one). I miss that in CT - but perhaps it is there and I don't know how to use it.

Finally, I have now got three small TMs! Is there any way to amalgamate them into one and rename it as Sp2Eng general, or whatever?

Thanks in advance for your help,


You can unite the different ProjectTM.TMX files by copying them to one folder (of course you'll have to modify the names in order to avoid overwriting each and every TMX file):






Then tick this menu item:

Once it's ticked, choose Memory > Open memory, navigate to the folder that contains the TMX files and open this folder.

Then save the memories to unite them, whilst choosing an appropriate name, like Anton.TMX.

I'll try that tomorrow. Thanks and goodnight.

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