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Soft returns in "Find and Replace" window


I can type soft returns in CT's editor pane, but I can't in the "Find and Replace" window...

 For some reason CT inserts hard returns instead of soft ones when it gives a perfect match. I have hundreds of soft returns in my source segments and I need to replace them one by one manually each and every time in the target perfect matches... (my files are Excel files converted to sdlxliff by the client). In Studio the leading and trailing returns are excluded from the Editor's segments, but for some reason they are not in CT. :-(

So... any suggestion to quickly replace all the hard returns to soft ones in CT?

Hi woorden,

I will wait for Igor's advice, and try with TextWrangler if there is no other solution. By the way, are you sure that TextWrangler uses soft returns? I tried to replace hard with soft returns yesterday, and it was not possible (at least for me). The other problem is that I need to work only on the target segments inside CT, to make sure I don't replace anything in the source segments.

Errr.... a regex. Unfortunately, I don't know how they work in CT (apparently you'll need the Java flavour), but I suppose you'll have to search for a return followed by an undercast character. The return can be something like \r or \n or \r\n, whereas the following character probably will be represented by [a-z]. Replace by a space. Perform the action in the S/R box, for SL, regex enabled.

Actually, I'd close/quit the project, open the SDLXLIFF in TextWrangler, perform the action (with "Show invisibles" activated so you'll see what you're doing), and start a new CT project with the cleaned file.

For real advise, you'll have to wait till the genuine regex experts are up and awake, I'm afraid.


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