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IDEA: Spike for splittable verbs etc.

How about a spike that can be called via a keyboard shortcut and where you can put parts of splittable verbs etc.

The splittable part could be marked in the glossary, e.g. by & (if that's not already taken).


übernimmt > neemt &over

In the Target segment pane I position the mouse pointer over the equivalent of 'übernimmt' (e.g. overneemt), I open the context menu, I select the entry:

neemt &over

The part up to the ampersand is inserted right away, the part after the ampersand is placed on the spike and can be inserted with one keyboard shortcut.

I admit, not very impressive with only 10 characters (neemt over), but imagine the use with longer entries.

Hmm, why not use a clipboard manager instead. Seems less complex to me.

You! Of all people! Haven't I always supported your requests? Even when they were completely crazy? :)

But you can answer that question yourself, just read my 45 mails about automation and CafeTran losing focus.

And, btw, how do you want to get the separable part as a separate item on this clipboard? Huh? Well?

I have no idea. Whenever you start talking about "separable verbs", my brain slips out the back door and goes fishing. I don't even know what  a separable verb is ;)

But seriously, I don't understand what you are talking about and what you are trying to achieve. Could you give a concrete example of actual use during translation?

In the glossary:

Lösen Sie = Draai &los

The part 'los' can be inserted via F2 etc. at the end of the sentence:

Reichen = Als &voldoende zijn

Reichen die Langlöcher im Hebel (5) für die Einstellung nicht aus

Als de slobgaten in de hefboom (5) voor het instellen niet &voldoende zijn

OK, I think I get it, sort of. Pls don't take this the wrong way, but wouldn't it just be easier to remember it and type it, than save the various little pieces of e.g. splittable verbs on a spike and use a keyboard shortcut to insert them when translating? How often do these things even occur? 

Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea of some kind of clipboard manager (although I doubt I will ever find a better one than ArsClip), as most translators don't even know what one is, and could benefit greatly from one, I just can't really see the use of this particular suggestion of yours, probably because it's not related to something I have any experience with, or at least I don't think I have. Separable verbs in my NL>EN work? Hmm.  

Well, I still think that this spike would be handy:

ermöglicht = maakt &mogelijk

Of course I can place both 'mogelijk' and 'maakt' as separate target terms for 'ermöglicht' in the glossary, but it takes a lot more steps to insert the splittable part 'mogelijk' at any given location in the Target segment pane then a spike would do that can be called via a keyboard shortcut. (That would be one key press or one click in the context menu.)

So I'm reopening this request.

Another example:

Now I can have 'Beträgt' auto-assembled with 'Als', but the counter part 'bedraagt' has to be typed manually: navigate to '0', press space, start typing etc.

However, with the spike technique I could create an entry:

Beträgt = Als &bedraagt

I then could click after the zero, open the context menu and insert the spike content. That's two clicks. (The space will be handled automatically.)

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