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Inserting punctuation characters ... with the mouse!?

Did you know that you can define these single-sided too?

You could define S1 as !, for instance.

Then you can insert the exclamation mark with a mouse, with sounds stupid (I admit) but actually can be very handy, once you have your mouse grabbed and the only change you have to perform to an auto-assembled segment, is inserting/adding an exclamation mark.


If I want an exclamation mark, I can also say ‘ex mark!’, and one will appear automagically (courtesy of Dragon).


Of course, Michael. But you forget to mention the positioning sequence here ... That's not quite honest, is it.

I can just say "edit commands" (in the command list that pops up in a text editor) and change my Vocola command from insert "!" at caret to insert "!" at end of text field.

There are many reasons why I am so happy with these voice command. They are easier to remember, scale better, and .... Wait, let me bullet point it:

(1) It is easier to remember to say "ex mark", than to press, e.g., Ctrl+Alt+! (my imaginary KBS for inserting an exclamation mark at the end of a text field). With voice commands there is a semantic link between trigger and result.

(2) Over time, the number of custom keyboard shortcuts you are using will grow (and you will start running out of actual keys and key combinations on your keyboard). In this case, it is clear that voice commands would scale much better. Need a new command? Just name it something that makes sense and is easy to remember. No need to try to remember the 456,768 k keyboard shortcuts keyboard shortcuts the keyboard shortcuts already defined on your computer.

(3) A third benefit: another cool thing about voice commands is you can use them almost at the same time as your keyboard or mouse, without having to take your hands off your keyboard or mouse. This means you are able to work much more fluidly, quickly switching from one method to another as you see fit.

OK, I'll shut up now. Time to walk my dog.

No, no problemo. You can just continue to use this forum to practise for your TM-Town webinar.

As if I wouldn't have spot that. DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID OR WHAT?!

Well spotted, mon frère.

Come one, come all, and ask your questions about voice recognition/control in my ‘Adding Speech to Text to Your Workflow’ TM-Town Q&A event @

(sadly, I will be focusing on Windows)

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