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Fragment creator

The number of prepositions in German is limited. (In other languages probably too.) The number of articles and pronouns is very limited.

How cool would it be to be able to automatically create fragments from existing fragments?

So if my glossary contains die Schraube, the feature could create mit der Schraube, an der Schraube, under der Schraube etc. (The Dutch translations can be created automatically too.) Of course there is a risk for bogus fragments, but how bad is that? They can easily be deleted or modified via the Quick Term editor.

Masato, feel like a new VBA task?

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Is this intended to add prepositions only? Or possibly others, too?

I'm sure that if new fragments (derivatives or variations) can be automatically created from existing ones, the quality of auto-assembling and segment pattern matching would be improved dramatically.



>Is this intended to add prepositions only? 


>Or possibly others, too?

Yes, sure.

My motto: everything that can be automated, should be automated.

The necessary algorithms are very cute. It's a nice puzzle to define them.

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