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End or start tag not visible in segment: how to deal with special situations?

Question: How to deal with tags in the following situation

- only one tag in the source sentence for the formatting of the second part of the sentence (e.g. second half is underlined until the end)

- in the target language, the second part has to come first, followed by the rest of the sentence which is not underlined

How do you stop the underlining at the end of the first part of the target sentence to avoid underlining the whole sentence? (no second tag to stop the formatting).

Answer: There are two different approaches:

1. Make these tags (temporarily) visible:

2. Work around them via the extra tags (described in the wiki):

This means that sometimes you have to start a segment with a closing tag (like /u which may look counter-intuitive).

I do it the same way. Another g̶o̶o̶d̶ great argument for basic formatting in the target pane though, if you ask me. I often waste a lot of time switching on and off ‘Hide segment boundary tags’, ‘Merge adjacent tags’, and/or messing with CT's own basic formatting commands (available via right-click menu or the buttons).

For example, I just made the above phases bold be merely selecting them and clicking Ctrl+b (or Command+b on a Mac). So much more intuitive than all this messing around, and comes naturally to every computer user since the dawn of time. Want to underline something: select and press Ctrl+u. Italics? Yes, you guessed it: select and click Ctrl+u. And none of this involves any thinking. It's built into your text editing muscle memory.

A segment with various kinds of formatting can quickly turn into a nightmare puzzle when tags are involved, especially when the beginning or end of the segment is involved. It would be so much more intuitive if we could just focus on the text (rather than on the formatting) when translating.


Yes Michael. I know, but it all depends on the available coding time. And, of course, we'd only like to have this feature implemented if it doesn't affect stability or speed of CafeTran.

Let's not go the K****** way.

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