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"Merge Memories" has gone


One question:

Where has the "Merge memories" item from the "Memory" gone in Update 11? I can't find that item any more.

Actually, that option is very important to me.



Of course, I meant: '... from the "Memory" menu ...".


It is now Memories folder. See the previous discussion today.

OK. But I still think that "Merge memories" offers a much simpler solution if you just want to merge two memories from different folders. I regularly merge a ProjectTM (from a project folder) with a big reference TM from a different folder. In this case, "Merge memories" is much more convenient. So it would be ideal to have the old "Merge memories" menu item back, in addition to the new menu item.


One more question about the new workflow:
What if you choose a memory folder and the folder contains not only TMX memories but also a TXT glossary? Will the glossary simply be ignored? That would be fine.


I agree: I miss the old Merge feature. It was very user friendly.

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BTW, there's another discussion about the "Merge memories" feature going on in the Update 11 thread.


Wow, yes, please return the old, simple translation memory merger. 

I just spent 15 minutes trying to merge two TMXs. 

I had a bunch of TMXs open in tabs, docked in various places, etc., and just wanted to quickly merge a TMX I created by aligning some stuff I found online into one of my current project's TMs. 

The old system was very straightforward.

I don't want to have to unattach various TMs in CafeTran, leave CafeTran, put specific TMXs in a specific, newly created folder, go back to CafeTran, open this folder with the new feature, etc etc etc.

Much easier to just select the TM in the tabbed pane, and use the old feature to merge a TM with it saved on my desktop.

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Merging memories can be achieved by putting them to a folder and selecting this folder via the Memory menu. I removed the previous method of joining memories just to avoid doubling the functionality. However, I understand the reasoning here that when the user wishes to join TWO memories (with one already opened), the previous method was simpler indeed. Therefore, it will be restored in the next update.


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Fantastic news! Thanks, Igor.


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