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Exclusive Q&A with CafeTran Creator Igor

On TM-Town we are launching a new Expert Q&A feature that will allow translators to interact with an expert in a semi-live event. For one of our first events we have Igor Kmitowski, the developer of CafeTran.

Obviously CafeTran lovers have this great forum to interact with Igor, but to help spread CafeTran to a wider audience it would be greatly appreciated if you all could attend this event and ask any questions you might have related to CafeTran (i.e. future features you may want to see, etc.).

You can register for the event here:

For more details on the format and how it will work, please see this blog post:

Additionally, Michael Beijer, an avid CafeTran user and poster in these forums will be hosting a Q&A at that same time related to speech to text technology, so please also join that:



Sorry, forgot to correctly add the links -

Exclusive Q&A with CafeTran Creator with Igor Kmitowski

Adding Speech to Text to Your Workflow with Michael Beijer

Blog post about the format of the events: Freelance Translators Can Now Develop Professionally by Directly Asking the Experts

Today we can start asking everything we always wanted to know about Igor and his Magic CafeTrans!

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Common' peoplez this is our chance to ask him anything.

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