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Ctrl+= is Example > EXAMPLE now, should be Example > example

I now this is probably precoded in Java, but nevertheless I'm hoping for support of other users who agree with me that a modification of the Ctrl+= case toggling sequence from the current behaviour (Example > EXAMPLE) to instead Example > example.

By "Ctrl+=", do you mean Ctrl+Shift+Equals? Or just Ctrl+Equals?

Ctrl+Equals does nothing in my CT.

This is what I currently have:

Change case = Ctrl+Shift+Equals

Change to title case = Alt+C

Pressing Change case, when I have "Example" selected, changes it to "EXAMPLE". Pressing it a second  time changes this to "example". I kind of like it this way.

I do still wish Igor would combine the Title case shortcut with the Change case shortcut, so a third press of the Change case KBS would just change the selection to Title Case, but he said in the past that he didn't think that that would be a good idea. However, it would mean one less KBS for me to remember and use.


>Pressing Change case, when I have "Example" selected, changes it to "EXAMPLE". Pressing it a second time changes this to "example". I kind of like it this way.

Yep. And I really, really dislike it. I almost never need the ALL UPPERCASE variant and I constantly have to press one extra time.

I wouldn't be talking about mini tasks like these, if there would be some kind of automation possible ;).

I see. To be honest, I don't mind pressing once, twice, or even three times, so I wouldn't mind if Igor switched them around a bit to make you a Happier Hans.

Hans: "I wouldn't be talking about mini tasks like these, if there would be some kind of automation possible ;). "

Michael: AutoHotkey forever baby!

PS: I usually don't even need to use these (or my AHK) shortcuts etc, as I just select something and say "title case!", or "title case!", and Dragon/Vocola does the rest. And I can do this while doing other stuff almost simultaneously with my keyboard and/or mouse!

Well that certainly sounds like a nice record!

But seriously, Michael, doesn't AHK have the same problem as Keyboard Maestro has: that it cannot find back the Target segment pane that it just left to perform some magic on its own?

Obviously Keyboard Maestro has problems to spot CafeTran, since it is a Java app. This used to be less a problem, but with the current combination of Java 8, Keyboard Maestro 7 and Yosemite it's a disaster. Probably going to be even worse with El Capitan.

Okay, other people have more serious problems in their lives, but nevertheless ...

Hmm, to be honest, I can't really think of an example in which I would need AutoHotkey to be able to find its way back to the Target box. However, if I did need it, didn't Igor recently added a new shortcut for that purpose (Request focus in target segment pane).

Where exactly might the cursor/caret be, from which you would need to get back to the target box? There must be ways.

Yep Michael, but in order to be able to use that keyboard shortcut ... 'one' (the automation tool) has to be in the app CafeTran. And that's exactly the point. I now have a very lame work-around:

This one was created by the very kind Christopher Stone, who's an absolute crack with AppleScript and Keyboard Maestro.

Nevertheless, CafeTran isn't found in many occasions.



You do this via that Devon Service?

Hans CafeTran Wiki: You do this via that Devon Service?

Yep. But I don't think I mentioned that before. Not more than a few dozen times.


Okay, okay, in the past there was no need. But now I'll go find it and install it. Thanks for your patience with me.

Great, they are even in the App Store!

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