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Arrows for Previous/Next segments

I like the new arrows above the Grid. I do not understand the design of the arrows Previous/Next segment above the Target segment pane.

Are those grey arrows above the grid also available in a version without the dog-ear? If so, I'd like to suggest to use these grey arrows above the Target segment pane, indicating the relation between the two groups of arrows.

The coffee cup with green plus should be a coffee bean with a green plus, is it available in the icon set? To create the link with the TM in the tabbed pane.

Actually, I think that the first icon (Next, coffee cup with green arrow) should be a coffee bean with a green arrow: by clicking it, a segment is added to the TM, which is represented by a very nice looking coffee bean.

To make thinks clearer/maintain the consistency in the icons, I mean.

If these needed icons are not available, I'm pretty sure that some former Rietveld student can help out.

Hi Hans,

On normal screens, all your screenshots are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE, making it kind of hard to see what is going on sometimes. Do you think you could shrink them down just a bit before posting them? In your original post, after reading the first text, I actually need to scroll quite a bit to get past the screenshot down to the next text.

Agree with you re the "coffee cup with green plus should be a coffee bean with a green plus".


That's because of the ultra-high resolution that I'm enjoying, Michael. Any chance that you upgrade your hardware?


Sure, if you pay for it.


That particular button has three functions:

  1. Start
  2. Go to Next Segment
  3. Add Segment to Memory.
I see no reason to change it into the symbol for Memory (bean). I see no reason to change it at all.

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