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REQ Can the add as new spelling item be moved up in the context menu?

I never ever choose on of the the many items that can be listed in the context menu:

Instead I always add the word at the bottom to my custom dictionary. And this often involves quite some mousing. Because of ergonomics, I'd like to ask if it is perhaps possible to make this 'Add as new spelling' item to the top of the list?

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Hmm, I usually trigger this menu via a shortcut (which triggers a right-click), and once it is open, I soon realised that it is quicker to get to what you want by pressing the UP arrow, rather than the DOWN arrow, and then having to go through the whole list. So for me it is: Click shortcut + press UP + Enter.

I also think I understand why Igor put it at the bottom of the list, because otherwise there would need to be a little line or something after the button row and the term, and then another little line between the term and the list of other terms. However, I agree that for mousers it would probably be better to have it directly after the button row.

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