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Ignoring Code?

Is there a way to get CafeTran to ignore code such as html and simply copy it into the translation automatically? I am currently translating a text which uses hundreds of <order> </order> type instructions, that are already in English and therefore do not need translating into that language.

I enclose a screen shot to show the kind of thing I am referring to.




There's little you can do about that now. You could try to add a regular expression to a glossary, but I don't know if you're up to that kind of thing. Depending on the file format of the source document, you could start allover, hide the text between <...>, and use your ProjectTM to jump over already translated segments. If you can find your Project folder, that is...



You mean that you don't have to translated parts like the ones with a read border in this image?

If so, there is a work around possible:

Via the Find and Replace dialogue box you search for the relevant tags in the source text (<order>, <category> etc.). You could even create a regular expressions that'll catch them all. One you're happy with the result in the grid, you click the funnel symbol to activate the filter.

Then two steps:

  • Copy source to target -- make sure that the funnel symbol is red underlined!!!!!!!
  • Via Tasks set the status of the filtered segments to Checked.
  • And a third step: In the Jump menu tick the Checked segments.

Alternatively, you can sort alphabetically and then set the first couple of hundred segments to Checked. Then return to natural sort order.

Thank you gentlemen! I'll give your suggestions a go and see which works best fur mich. :)

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