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REQ Match bar results auto updating after adding new gloss entries

This Match bar might come in handy to insert glossary entries that you add at the beginning of a segment, at a later position in the same segment.


Zwölf Boxkämpfer jagen Viktor zum Spaß quer über den Sylter Boxkämpfer Deich.

Boxkämpfer is not in my glossary

I add it by typing the translation of the first occurrence

I add a new term pair for Boxkämpfer = bokser;boksers

I translate up to Sylter and then I want to pick the recently added translation for Boxkämpfer from the Match bar, by double-pressing Shift and pressing B.

Igor, would it be possible that you make the Match bar automatically updating after saving terms to the glossary (and TMX for terms probably too)?

This would solve a long-time problem for me. Perhaps I should throw in just another 'cool' here to increase the changes that this request is honoured? What ya say, Mike?


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changes = chances

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