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Presence in a glossary as indicator of usage frequency

As you probably know right now, I throw everything in the glossary. My motto is: only type every word once, Hans!

Hence, the fact that a word isn't present in the glossary, means that I haven't translated before.

So far, so good. Sometimes I almost tumble off my chair, when I notice that a word of which I'd assume that it's quite frequent isn't in my glossary, hence hasn't been present in my source texts for the last (say) 10 years (we're talking about ca. 1million words/year).

Like in this case 'getan', the German equivalent of 'done'.

I really find this fascinating.

Please note also the sloppy German, adding spaces where they shouldn't be, making term recognition in CafeTran more difficult. Unless you use TMX for terms ;).

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