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Passolo UTF 8 and UTF 16

Hi Folk!
I use to work with Passolo bundles but I always export them into .xml for working with other tool cause Passolo workflow is not for me. The problem is that the exported file is coded in UTF 16 and CT opens it as UTF 8 so when I finish the translation and try to import it back to Passolo, this one doesn't accept the updated file... Any suggestion?

Before you open it in CT, convert the .xml file from UTF-16 to UTF-8. After translation in CT, export it and then convert back to UTF-16 before importing back into Passolo?

Do make sure to check that the conversions in the text editor didn't mess up any special characters.


Oh thanks, but what app should I use for that?

A good text editor. If you are on Windows, I would suggest EmEditor, or the free Notepad++ (


A suggestion for Mac?

Hi Victor,

Try the following just before the export of your translation:

1. Go to Tools > Notepad > Character encoding and select UTF-16.

2. Export your translation.

3. Remember to switch it back to UTF-8 when you work with other file types.


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