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Talking about inspiration

In a recent posting about Slate I argued that Google Translate and Bing Translator can do something that my future personal MT won't be able to do: to inspire me.

Here's how I empower inspiration in CafeTran myself: by adding alternative target terms. When I read 'zieht' (pull), I'll normally won't interpret this as 'pump' (leegpompen, vacumeren etc.).

After having added the new target term to my glossary, the next time I'll have a sentence with 'zieht', I'll see the possible translation from the corner of my eye.

Most inspiring, for me.

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This is so very useful when you get isolated strings for an automation some weeks later, and there are segments that only contain 'zieht'. At least then, it's good to be reminded that this can mean 'pump' rather than 'pull'.

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