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Windows dictionaries

This looks like a very valuable resource.

With 38,483,957 citizens in Poland you can invest in good dictionaries. In my small Frog land this much more difficult (though we have the largest dictionary in the world).

How nice would it be, if dictionaries like these could be integrated in CafeTran. Either directly, by accessing the data (legally, of course), avoiding the dictionary GUI, or via automation.

Did someone test this?

Convert them

Bogusław Kucharski wrote:
e-dictionaries EN-PL

Based on the information I found here, you should be able to convert those dictionaries for use in your Mac's I wrote about the process here, and on the wiki page of the Python script you'll have to use, it says that Leksykonia data (*.dct) are supported.

You can then use your dictionaries system-wide on your Mac, both opened in the itself, or as a pop-up. An example of a dictionary I converted showing results as a pop-up in CafeTran:

Very recently (like the day before yesterday), I "discovered" an app that should simplify the process. I downloaded it, but it's still in my download folder as a .ZIP: so I'm afraid I don't know if it works yet.



Wow Hans, I'm impressed.

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