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CafeTran no longer asks whether you really want to quit

Is that by design?

Hi Hans,

On Mac OSX, lots of applications do not ask for such an exit confirmation so I came to the conclusion that it was not what Mac users would expect when using the Quit command.


IK: lots of applications do not ask for such an exit confirmation

I think none of them does. But there are levels of Macness (and Madness):

  • You can quit real Mac apps, and they just quit. No need for a dialogue, because the file you used is saved automagically up to the last character you entered, and if you run that app again, it'll open the last file(s) exactly at the point you quit the last time. Unless you close the file before quitting
  • Other apps written for the Mac (like MS Word) will show a dialogue if you want to save changes. It'll then quit without dialogue. If you run the app again, it'll open the most recent file(s), but not at the point you quit. Unless you close the file before quitting, in that case you'll se a Save dialogue, but no Quit dialogue
  • And then there is CafeTran. I don't really know. If you quit CT, it won't save the last changes to the project and your resources (I think). If you run CT again, you'll have to click on Project to go to the most recent file, but if you do, it'll go to the spot you stopped working in that file, and settings are unchanged, and used resources will show up.


@LA, once upon a time, there was a check on macOS too. At that time, macOS was called OS X. But the latter is not relevant here.

The prompt is there, indeed. But depending on whether you quit directly or first close the project before quitting, the dashboard (the selected resources) will look differently. This is unlogical.

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