CafeTran Espresso 2015 Update 10 - with Colors

Hey CafeTranslators,

The update 10 to CafeTran Espresso 2015 is available for download. The users who purchased the program after 22 April 2015, in the new licensing system, do not have to install it anew. They can update it via a simple drag and drop procedure as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here (do not unzip or rename the file after downloading) and place it on your desktop.

Note: On Mac OSX, the Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading. To prevent this, just use the right-click menu and choose the "Download Linked File" command.

3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program. First time!

4. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program. Second time!


This update includes the new icon sets which need to be placed in the new directories. The first drag and drop update action above prepares CafeTran for the creation of the new directories. The second drag and drop update action creates the new directories for icons and transfers the new icons there.

The update includes the following changes:

1. New colored icons. The user can switch between colored and monochromatic icons via the menu View > Appearance > Monochromatic icons.

2. Display of highlighted and colored text in the Project segments pane for the Ms Office and LibreOffice documents.

3. Filtering on the highlighted or colored text.

4. After the export of the target document, CafeTran gives the option to either view the translated document or open the folder containing the document.

5. Conversion of TXT glossaries to TMX format handles the synonyms now.

As the build includes changes to the filters for Ms Office and LibreOffice files, please finish any uncompleted projects with the previous version before applying this update.



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Am I missing something?

It seems to me I miss a contribution. A valuable contribution.

And I'm not even talking about regexes and sentence patterns...


Hi Hans,

As there can be multiple synonyms both on the source and the target side, in the current implementation CT assigns the source side synonym to the target side synonym and creates a translation unit in the TMX format. The problem arises where there are more synonyms on the target side than on the source side. Then some targets may not have a source synonym to the pair (like you showed). I think it can be improved by assigning the superfluous target synonyms to the first source synonym only, which should solve this problem. Scheduled for the update 11.

Regular expressions are of no use in the TMX memories and so they are skipped during the conversion.



IK: Scheduled for the update 11.

Very nice for people who need it. And who didn't believe me.

I'm waiting for KB entries and other things.

Regular expressions are of no use in the TMX memories

They aren't, but subsegments of those entries not containing the regexes can be useful.



I've just updated CT and everything went smooth, as usual. I really like this tool. 

I just have a minor query: is there an option to keep the old light green color? After experimenting with the new themes, I decided I definitely prefer the old colour combination, but I'm not able to restore it anymore. 


Hi Valentina,

To get the old green back:

1. View > Appearance > Colors
2. Select RGB, and enter C1E4BC into the box.
3. Restart CafeTran.

If you want to go back to the current default colours, do: View > Appearance > Themes > Default theme

The new dafault toolbar colour is: E1D9BD



Hi Michael,

under View > Appearance > Colors

I don't have any RGB. Look:

What am I doing wrong?



Oops, that should have been: View > Appearance > Colors > Toolbars color


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Looking very, very good! Thanks Igor!

Dunno what's new under the hood, yet, but the new icons look just great.

Yes they look good. But some of them, e.g. the two globes for web searches, are frayed on an iMac Retina. I think that these (free) icons were saved in a hi-res, but haven't been optimised in the design stage. If that makes any sense. But it's already a big improvement.

I'll care about that when I get a retina screen. ;-)

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>I'll care about that when I get a retina screen. ;-)

Okidoki. They are less glossy. And when a regular Thunderbolt screen is standing next to a Retina screen, the letters on the Thunderbolt screen really look pixely. Well, that's the case with every improvement, I guess: there's no way back.

I'm sure Igor will take care of that, maybe not as a priority, let's see and wait, CT is work in progress.

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