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REQ: Final dialogue window behavior

When confirming the last unchecked segment, CT present the following dialogue window

Perform QA before exporting?

[Cancel] – [Export current document] – [QA]

This is in general a very good idea, but in most cases I must click "Cancel", because there are untranslated and/or unchecked segments remaining (or because I am unsure about this). 

In many cases there these segments are remaining because they are unclear, they still must be rechecked etc. (and indeed, I often work with notes to postpone these questions). Or maybe before I jumped in any other occasion to a segment that was not the first unchecked/untranslated segment, so that there are unchecked/untranslated segments remaining. A second point is whether I first do the QA or work on the notes (a part of my notes is for the client, another part for me, e.g. terminology notes, style issues or "check this, check that later" etc.

This means that I click on "Cancel" and 1) go back to the very first segment and reconfirm it to jump to the first unchecked/untranslated segment or 2) Filter for segment notes. And not to forget - in this context - this silly bug.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an option in this dialogue window "Jump to next unchecked/untranslated segment" (or even "Jump to next segment with a note")? Or something like "You have untranslated/unchecked segment(s) left. Jump to it/them?" instead?

Or any suggestions concerning my workflow?

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