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Mac only: is it possible?

Blog article from Jane: My response (that I couldn't post): I'd say that translating exclusively in CafeTran on Mac is very well possible. That is: the actual translation project. For the project prep stage you may need Windows software. Or, you make an arrangement with the PMs so that they do the prep. (I get all mQ server projects neatly exported as mqxliff. Obviously because they like my service and are willing to invest in this extra conversion step. ) I'll start a thread about this rtf in the Freshdesk. Mac section. BTW: Did you read the part about chemical names and tags in the wiki?

Thanks Hans, I'll go to that forum.

Mac only is very well possible.


@Jane, I'll post about the underlying RTF issue in the Interoperability forum, since that forum seems to be more appropriate.
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