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Bilingual RTF file, any idea on how to open this?

Hello everyone,

I hope I am posting in the correct category. I received an RTF file that seems to be an export from some kind of program. The file opens correctly in TextEdit, Word and weirdly enough in Xcode:

This seems to have some kind of XML formatting, but I can't open it in CafeTran, this is what I get:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to import this to CafeTran?




Please see my reply here:!topic/cafetranslators/E-qmQZ9S3AE


Hello again,

My query was resolved in this thread in the Google Group of Cafetran, I am leaving this here in case anyone needs it in the future.

Best regards,


Giorgos: ...and weirdly enough in Xcode

I don't think that's particularly weird. I think it's a lot weirder they sent you the file as an *.rtf file. A bit dangerous as well.


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