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REQ about Stats

 I want to request that the stats pane also shows percentage figures based on the number of words/characters.

Because segments vary in length, counting based on the number of words/characters is more helpful.



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Agree. Personally I think the editor's progression bar should be based on characters, since CT cannot really count words for source languages without space between words.

The above comment should have been a question... The editor's progression bar is based on segments, words or characters?

Hello Alain,

I think the progress bar shows the position of the current segment as a percentage based on the number of segments.



Not that I really mind about the Counter for Minutes and Hours, but I get strange results today. It seems that I translate more words/characters per Minute than per Hour. :-)

Hi Alain,

This section of statistics shows the pace at which you are translating so I would also need to see the duration column there.


Igor, I don't have this screenshot anymore but I can tell you that this strange statistic vanished immediately. I will post a better screenshot if I notice the same problem again (so far so good).

>I want to request that the stats pane also shows percentage figures based on the number of words/characters.

Yeah, please. The number of segments is quite 'nietszeggend':

Based on the number of segments I'd be almost half ready with this utmost boring project. Based on the more informative number of words (my only guide!), I'm not even Half way.

And then this question:

What's this 38 % referring to?

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>this utmost boring project

Sometimes my life's just so difficult.

BTW: Do other translators also work that way they divide large and dull projects in bites? After having translated x words (mostly a rounded figure) one is allowed to stop working.

Oh man, this really sounds bad ;).

Hi Masato,

The Statistics function is sensitive to filtering and it reflects the filtered state of the project. For example:

1. Type the segments range (e.g. 1-100) in the search box and press Enter.

2. Run the statistics and see the results.


% position of the current segment, isn't it?


> % position of the current segment, isn't it?

Yes, in the progress bar. The detailed statistics are run through Project > Statistics menu.


It would be nice to have the statistics table rearranged so that the crucial number: the amount of words still  to translate, is the first value.



Hi all,

The last update has the second progress bar displayed when the automatic update of statistics is on in the Project > Statistics menu.


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