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CT and its flexibility - penalty for TMs

I just wanted to post a request for TM penalties. But before posting it, I found a solution.

CT offers the possibility to set the priority for TMs. That's nice, but (perhaps) sometimes not enough.

When working with a TM from the client or with a MT-generated TM you should

  • keep the TM out of AA (if you use Auto-Assembling)
  • set a different Workflow mode (manual instead of automatic) (now the request - these could perhaps automatically be set)

This is a very, very simple example indeed, but if you are getting used to CT and you don't play around with the options (and you did not read the whole wiki, most people won't), you might get the feeling that something is missing although something very similar is already there.

What do you learn? As you can't say RTFM and the wiki is - despite of all efforts- not always complete, simply try out (all) the options.

No the wiki is not complete and many articles have to be revised. But it is also open for anybody's contributions. For anybody who wants to share his fun experience with ct. // Just got an email re an update of the unofficial Studio manual. If only such a guy would be available for ct. It's all about money ... They don't work for free. And they shouldn't.

T RE: keep the TM out of AA (if you use Auto-Assembling)

Which is exactly what I do. And mentioned some time ago. I assign it the lowest priority at first, and at some point, I switch AA off for the Recall TM. You can even do that in the tabbed pane:


Hans CafeTran Wiki: But it is also open for anybody's contributions.

The very essence of a wiki is that it's open to contributions. Direct contributions and edits. The CT Wiki isn't a wiki in the stricter sense of the word.


@woorden: if you (or anyone else here) want editing rights, all you need to do is ask Hans :)

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