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Number conversion: 0.50 > 0,5

The number conversion works fine, but it is converting any number with a trailing decimal zero just as follows:

0.50 becomes 0,5

0.60 becomes 0,6

From a mathematical point of view absolutely correct, but this is not what I want (and what most other translators won't want). Bug or feature? Or did I muss any checkmark anywhere?

I have reset all Preferences and then set the AA settings to:


No comma/point conversion is taking place. Why is this?

Test document attached.

(12.7 KB)

Ah, found it (after reading a post of Igor's): I have to set the correct source language. Which sounds logical :).

After setting the source to en-GB, the results are:


Is there a way to have the last line localised to Dutch?

BTW: QA numbers will report errors for the missing zero.
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