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Blocking / copying numbers


I would like to sort the segments alphabetically to insert numbers to the target field, block them so they will not be inserted in the TM. Searching the solution topics did not bring an answer. I think "transfer segments without letters to target" may be what I need and I am wondering if there is already a keyboard shortcut for it.

Could some one tell where/how to find this feature?

Also, how to copy one value (currency or measurement) from the source into the target? I tried Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V but it did not work. 

System: Win7

Thank you


Can you give a few examples? There can be segments with numbers only (100), segments with numbers and symbols (€ 100.--), segments with numbers and letters (100 km)? Then there can be the problem with comma<>dot conversion.

Anyway part of the solution can be Translation | Jump over | Pick your choice.


Hi Thelma,

I am not entirely sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. However, have you tried:

Filter > Segments with no letters


Filter > Sort alphabetically

And then have a look in the Task menu, especially at:

Task > Transfer segments with no letters to target



Sorry for the absence and thank you for the tips - they were helpful.

The goal was not overload the TM with unnecessary data, like numbers in financial reports, students grades....

Assets           1,000           

Liabilities        1,200

I want Assets and Liabilities in the TM but not the numbers. 

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot.


tlsabim: Is this possible?

You could add Assets and Liabilities to the TM manually, and then go to the next segment without saving the segment. Not sure if it's worth the trouble.


Yes, I think that is what I will do.

Thank you for helping.



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