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Benefits of CT to translation agencies

 Hello All,

I have a plan to introduce CT to certain of my translation agencies, sending them a summary of features that will boost their productivity.

But, as a freelancer, I don't know much about the way they work and what they need.

I want to hear your opinions about which features will be helpful for them.



>I sometimes feel "burden shifting" to the translator is irritating// yes, but it also offers us a way to be smarter: to use a better cat tool to be more productive and have more fun, while translating the files (projects) created with the cat tools those clients prefer. In our preferred cat tool, in our own OS. We really have a choice and a better alternative. It's about liberty and fun. About not being forced to use software that takes 10 minutes of your life to commit some segments to a TM, called a Tank.
Just reread my previous posting: 10 minutes lost for Verification. That was another tool and in the same week (last week). And it's all true. Compare this with ct: QA is instantaneously, importing project segments to TM too. This all matters! It's your life. Don't waste it waiting for committing and verification processes. Play with your kids, go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves. Life is too short as to waste it with bad software. For once, I am absolutely serious.
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