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Trying to create a workflow/solution to print several doc(x) files to PDF

PDFwriter 1.2.1 for Mac OS X

I am looking for a way to create 1 (big) PDF file from a folder with subfolders containing doc and DOCX files. First I'd collect them via the Finder (by searching for .doc in This folder), then I'd send them to a service or app.

I've found this example:

I haven't tested it yet, but I guess that it'll create one PDF per doc(x), doesn't it?

Would it be possible to change it so that it'd create ONE PDF?

Acrobat can easily combine many files (of different formats) into a single (or multiple) PDF(s)!

Yes, but I like to pay for my software, so I don't have that tool. ;)

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Same question on ProZ.

My latest comment there (answering that CATGuru):

[quote]Dominique Pivard wrote:

But it’s only available for Windows: too bad you’re on a Mac, and there’s no equivalent in OS X ;-) [/quote]

As you can imagine (or maybe you cannot), OS X users have no need for third party solutions. You simply create a SmartFolder with all .doc and .docx files of the original folder, and drop the (virtual) files on an Automator/AppleScript applet. The converted files will appear in the original folder, and relevant subfolders.

That everything and more is possible with OS X, doesn't mean there are no problems in this particular case. Not caused by OS X, of course.

I can now convert all .doc and .docx files to PDF, and combine those PDFs into one big one. Exactly what the OP wants. However,

[*]It will require two actions, rather than the one I promised, due to the usual MS BS (they invalidated some of the required Automator actions without warning. But then again, MS...) It's not worthwhile to try to turn those two actions into one. That will take me far more time that the OP to perform those two actions.

[*]I take it the OP not only want this big PDF file, I think he want to translate the Word files. In CafeTran. CafeTran doesn't accept .doc as Word files, only .docx. That means an extra step: Convert .DOC to .DOCX No problem, but

[*]In CafeTan, you can load both files and folders, but as far as I can tell, <i>not</i> folders with their subfolders

[*]Last but not least, because of the subfolders, the order of the concatenated PDF file will most likely if not inevitably differ from the order of the ("glued") files in CafeTran, which makes syncing (the ultimate goal of the OP, I think) of the PDF difficult.

Aspirin, please.



I think the easiest way to create one PDF out of several files is PDF Toolkit

Very nice app, and a bit cheaper than Adobe Acrobat ... but I do not know whether you may use or integrate it in Automator

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