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Finalise feature

The next thing would be for me a Finalise button / menu that calls a Finalise dialogue box. Much like the QA dialogue box, with checkboxes for tasks you'd like to perform:

[x] Update TMs

[x] Create .ctp

[x] Save project

[x] Quit CafeTran

[x] Start a new project

[x] Your suggestion for a task

[x] Save selection of tasks between sessions

Mark target segments as translated (sdlxliff files)

[x] Remove duplicates from TM

AC: Mark target segments as translated (sdlxliff files)

I created an AppleScript for that (as I mentioned before):

It shows up when I close CT, but at least I can't forget it.

I also created an ApplesScript to open the DropBox folder with the file(s) to be translated when I run CT. That folder is frontmost, so I only have to select and drop the file(s) on the Dashboard.


[x] Run macro CT_Postprocess on every exported DOCX file

See why


This one of course:

[x] Export all translated files

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