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Update 8: Adds .ctp to .SDLPPX

When I save a translated SDLPPX via Project > Convert, CafeTran now adds .ctp to the .SDLPPX: example2015-10-22.SDLPPX.ctp

This wasn't the case in previous builds and it is wrong.

>Is converting to *.SDLPPX useful?

I'm still not sure.

Is converting to *.SDLPPX useful? I thought only *.SDLRPX would make sense, and as far as I know, CT (and all other tools besides Trados, of course) can't do it.


Hi Hans,

I have not changed anything in this respect in the latest update. Maybe you chose another Convert option or it is a problem of SDLPPX extension being uppercase. To be checked...


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I just verified by creating and opening an SDLPPX package from my translation. Indeed: the extension .CTP should not be added.

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