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Order of the icons in the Target segment pane context menu

(Every mouse movement potentially contributes to RSI.)

For me the A>a icon should be at the first position, for me it's the most frequently used one.

How do others see this?

my statement was theoretical (as always)

So why do you state then that you like the current order of the icons, dear Michael?

I hadn't even noticed that S1 and S2 existed before you mentioned it. I use AutoHotkey script keyboard shortcuts and/or voice commands for these.

>However, I like the order of that menu.

Really? You do use the S1 and S2 more than case toggles?

BTW: The addition of the Add term to glossary table icon to this context menu would be an improvement, at least for me. But I cannot have everything, can I?

And you really thing that that is more efficient. Just wait until you get stembanden-RSI.

I don't use the the A>a icon. I just select something and say "Change case" ;-)

However, I like the order of that menu.

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